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Getting more from the ServiceNow platform

As with all technology, the first question should be 'Why?'

Please don't implement new technologies and platforms, such as ServiceNowâ„¢ without knowing exactly what business problem you are going to solve, why and how.
Having previously worked at ServiceNow we are best placed to help you design, plan and execute a comprehensive ServiceNow strategy, roadmap & project, aligned to your business strategy (not just IT strategy) which will allow you to:
  • use the ServiceNow platform to join up the enterprise (improving customer service whilst increasing productivity)
  • increase your adoption and exploitation of ServiceNow into broader areas of the business
  • establish a best-practice platform governance, operating & support model, including resourcing
  • choose the best ServiceNow Partner for you (not all Partners are the same)
  • exploit the ServiceNow platform outside of IT (Enterprise Service Management)
  • increase your return on investment (ROI) of ServiceNow
What is ServiceNow?
In case you are wondering what the ServiceNow platform is.......

In our view (and many others) it is simply one of the best Enterprise Service Management, Workflow & Automation platforms available on the market today, whether you choose to use it in IT, Customer Service, Security Operations, Shared Services, Business Operations, Facilities Management, Field Service, HR, Finance, Legal & Contracts or any other department or function needing productivity improvements. Though not just productivity; customer / user engagment and experience too, besides insight reporting and intelligent risk management!

But don't buy ServiceNow until you have become an informed customer! Otherwise you will run the risk of spending a lot of money and getting little in return.
With our extensive knowledge and first-hand experience of the Enterprise Service Management market, let us help you become that more informed buyer! Contact us to discuss how.
service capability transformation map 460 344If you are already a ServiceNow customer but you're not sure whether you are getting the most out of your ServiceNow platform, we have developed a ServiceNow Review service to help you. Find out more here....

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