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The future of great Service is built on platforms!service tech

The ever-increasing pace of technological innovation plus the associated insatiable demand for more, faster and cheaper, is changing the world like never before. Organizations now need to move faster and faster each year, offering more and more services and greater service experiences along the way. Traditional boundaries are being washed away and new technologies are allowing collaboration on a massive scale, often creating new business services and operating models in the process.

This is the age of the digital platform, open 24 hours a day, accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device that can access the internet, for new customers who expect near-instant service.

But most organizations still struggle with internal silo's and departments that are not joined up in their customer-supporting processes.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

By expanding your 'service thinking' and using SaaS-based workflow platforms, organizations are unlocking new value across their whole enteprise and wider partner eco-systems. Modern Enterprise Service Management (ESM) represents a new, integrated platform approach to accelerating the organizational transformation to the world of transformative customer experience and 'everything-as-a-service' (XaaS).

We work with enterprises who are keen to take a step-change forward, often shedding traditonal ways of working, keen to experiment with new ideas, prepared to follow their instincts and sensitivities to the changing world and ready to leverage strategic technology platforms to accomplish their goals.

Whether you come from the world of IT Service Management (ITSM) or Field Service Management (FSM), Customer Service Management (CSM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we want to encourage you to join up your organization, to deliver outstanding service, internally as well as externally.

Your technology needs to support this changing landscape and so might best be supported using any of our services below, besides others:

  • Art-of-the-Possible workshops
  • Tool & Platform Strategy
  • Technology Roadmap Development
  • Data Architecture & Strategy Development
  • IT Program Advice, Direction and Governance
  • Operational Technology (IoT) consulting
  • Shared Services Platform strategy development
  • Enterprise Service Management strategy development
  • Project & Program delivery and/or governance
Enterprise Service Management Platforms

For anyone unsure what an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform is, you could say it is a Service Automation platform, focussed on joining up an organization and thereby helping deliver joined-up, end-to-end service, in a more automated and effortless way for the customer. It is not (only) an IT Service Management tool, less still and IT Ticketing tool - a common misperception. It is a business process automation platform, particularly focussed on the world of 'Service'.

Having worked at ServiceNow™, a BMC™ partner and Serviceware™ before, we provide strategy-based consulting around how the Service platform (or any other) can support your organization.

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Did you know?

With over 30 years experience in the world of strategic Customer Service, Field Service, Technology Service, Operations Management and Service Integration, we help customers design a robust, comprehensive and innovative Service Technology Strategy to spearhead their business growth in the new AI-enabled world of 'Digital' Service.

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