Data is the fuel of all organisations

How much does your Service data drive fast responsive decision-making? How automated is it?

How compliant is your data to good practices, current & future legislation?

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In Information as a Second Language: Enabling Data Literacy for Digital Society Valerie Logan argued that the factors of 'production' had evolved beyond people, process and technology to include data.

It is often said that 'data' is the fuel on which organizations run.

But the problem is usually 'seeing the wood for the trees' - where there is so much data, it is hard to identify the important data that you should use for decision making.

And in the world of Service, we often ask clients the following questions:

  • How well does your data drive fast decision-making or automated service actions?
  • Is your Key Performance Data real-time and readily accessible? Preferably on mobile devices
  • How compliant is your data?
  • Have you carried out any data audits lately? Has that included your vendors too?

The need to manage data as an Asset with a full lifecycle process is long overdue. Because of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, organizations are finally taking this seriously. Critical data, including but not limited to, private and personal data of individuals, must be treated carefully, sensitively and with adequate security and due process integrity. Taking a Service Management apporach provides an ideal, cost-effective route to strong data governance.

It's time to drive a new way of working with your data. Let's help you put your data to work for you.
We work with you and your SaaS partners to evaluate, transform and automate your 'Service Data' to enable real-time insightful, often automated, decision making.

The importance of industry Service data benchmarks

By comparing yourself to your peers, you can see how you’re really performing. That allows you to take concrete action to improve your performance, focusing on areas where you need to do better. It also lets you have objective conversations with other business stakeholders, so that they understand the value of the service levels being provided.

Your SaaS-based Service Management platform provider should now be able to provide you with real-time benchmarks into service performance around the globe. For enterprises that are global

We’re getting incredible insights that just weren’t possible before – including major variations across industries, company sizes and geographies.


Did you know?

We are independent consultants and advisors.
With over 30 years experience in the world of strategic Customer Service, Field Service, Technology Service, Operations Management and Service Integration, we help customers design a robust, comprehensive and innovative Service Strategy to spearhead their business growth in the new AI-enabled world of 'Digital' Service.

What project are you working on?

Have a look below. Do any of the questions apply to you?

Mining Service data to identify trends

Consolidating data from multiple platforms

Developing Executive KPI dashboards

Identifying which data sets to use for machine learning

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