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Johann is an expert in the world of Service Transformation. Building on his early CXO experience in the world of operational technology, he understands how best to exploit technology to help organisations become much more customer-centric, productive and innovative.

With new technologies such as machine learning, AI, IoT and others continually emerging, Johann has a great ability to envision, inspire and direct business change for the benefit of all. Having led teams on both sides of the customer-supplier boundary, he has an understanding of how best to leverage partnerships for the achievement of real business outcomes.

An evangelist and thought leader at heart, his passion for transforming service delivery and the wider service experience keeps customers challenged, focussed and grateful for having his experience on board.

In an age where disruptive technologies are offering organisations the ability to deliver superior service, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and speeding up the organisation, I have no hesitation in recommending Johann and his team at End to End Service to support and guide you in your pursuits.
David Blackwood, ex-CTO, Capgemini Infrastructure
Service Transformation Expert
In all my dealings with Johann, which have ranged from prospective client, to actual client, to contractor and adviser there are a number of characteristics that shine through on all occasions. Integrity, honesty in support of his convictions, a straight talker, but above all, knowledge based on intellectual and practical experience.

It can be said that his mantra of “its all about the quality service” can hurt on occasions, but in reality its right and we all know its right.

I keep coming back to Johann for advice and guidance knowing that his words may not always be what I want to hear, but they will be the truth and the advice will ring true.
John Mohan, CEO, Fusion Global Business Solutions
Knowledge based on intellectual and practical experience
Johann is a talented expert in end-to-end Business & IT Service Management, with a keen ability to identify strategic customer-centric, IT-enabled change requirements, and then to lead customers and teams through that change process.

Always with an eye on the customer experience objectives, Johann has a deep understanding of how to structure or transform a business operation to enable it to get the best out of its IT/technology solutions. That deep understanding comes from the fact that he has occupied key management roles on both sides of the customer/supplier equation, and this has meant he has a sharp insight into what makes business work.
Robin Bowler, ex-Government Markets Director, Playtech
Strategic, customer-centric, IT-enabled change leadership
Working with Johann in a number of global clients regarding the future of Enterprise Service Management was both a pleasure and an eye opener.

Within an 8 week engagement with one major client we had defined a clear structured roadmap to deliver their desired business outcomes including £7m OPEX savings and enterprise wide visibility of IT service operations.

I would not hesitate to recommend Johann for his professional and insightful approach to his clients.
Paul Barker, ex-Client Director, ServiceNow
Clear structured ServiceNow roadmap to deliver desired business outcomes
Johann possesses the educational grounding and mindset that allows him to operate at a strategy level in Service & Operations Management within technology sectors.

Through his background in enterprise level Business Service Management programs, Johann has been exposed to the challenges of organisational and process change across line of business silos. This experience offers great value to any enterprise considering organisational and process change in support of more effective and efficient service delivery.
Mike Garvie, ex-Director of Strategy, BMC Partner
Transformation Program Executive
I'd consider Johann to be a true thought leader when it comes to any aspect of IT service delivery. He has an enormous amount of practical experience in helping large enterprises design and implement service management capability involving the transformation of people, process and technology.

A skilled operator in complex organisations, he has outstanding stakeholder management skills, is a very effective communicator and above all is an individual of outstanding integrity who can be trusted to deliver.
Paul Dickinson, Enterprise Sector Sales Lead, Amazon web Services
Thought Leader

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