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As with all frameworks the key is to adapt and adopt, making sure each step provides value to your enterprise.
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Frameworks are there to be adapted, but a good place to start

Allied to your Service Strategy, the frameworks you adopt across your enterprise must add value at each step along the way. Otherwise why would you waste time adopting it?

And so it is for frameworks associated with Customer Service, Field Service, Operations or Business Process improvement, Enterprise or IT Service Management - anything that enables your organisation to provide a higher quality of service to your customer is worth considering. Our advice would always be choose carefully and intentionally the framework to adopt and then plan the benefits and monitor for their achievement, just as you would manage a project. Be specific and intentional.

Whilst these are some common frameworks & methods adopted below, we would like to offer you our bespoke End-to-End Service approach for ensuring you choose value-adding frameworks that will help your organization mature and grow. If you would like to know more about this approach, please Contact Us or leave us a voicemail (see link at top of page).


In the world of technology service management, many organisations still try and run projects to implement ITIL. Please tell me why?

ITIL is a comprehensive framework with lots of excellent guidelines and advice, but we suggest you should not be implementing ITIL (or any framework) in its entirety, just for the sake of it, but rather be specific regarding which processes would give you significant impact quickly and starting there. Then you can build links to some of the other processes where joining up the organisation (cross-functional) using the 'new' or changed process will also provide major benefit.

SIAM (Service Integration and Management)

A must for organisations who have outsourced some of their service provision to 3rd party vendors, whether in technology of other areas of their business, Service Integration and Management offers a comprehensive approach to delivering an end-to-end service even though several vendors provide constituent parts of that service.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from organisations that have chosen this approach and learned many lessons along the way.

·         The SIAM Body of Knowledge from here provides a really handy starting point 

Others might include

.......and so on......

So come and talk to us about how we can help you consider which frameworks will really help you deliver increasingly great levels of Customer Service & Service Experience.

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SIAM (Service Integration)

Balanced Scorecard



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