Service Partners

Great 3rd party organisations who you contract with to deliver your services, whether internal projects or external customer-facing interactions, are crucial players in your reputation game.
Have you chosen them well enough?
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Your Service Partners have the power to win or lose customers for you, enhance or erode reputation on your behalf.

It's that simple. So choosing the right partner for your organisation and your customer, is a crucial process, which should be managed intentionally and with plenty of relevant benchmarking and insight.

In the world of technology, we've all worked with partners who really aren't 'partners' at all. They simply act like suppliers and sometimes that's actually because organisations themselves don't really know how to set up the relationship to be one of real partnership, rather than the traditional customer : supplier model. We often have to remind clients that they get what they pay for!

We work with clients who want to find great Service Partners whether, for example, in technology environments for running and managing IT, IoT, Digital or Engineering projects or in public sector environments or in fact, any sector.

Knowing what you want in a partner and translating that into a set of 'requirements', researching the market well enough to ensure rigour and true independence in the process and finally establishing collaborative partnership-type agreements, is where organisations start the journey to outstanding service delivery.

Ask us how we can help you achieve great things by working better with your Service Partners.

Did you know?

We are independent practitioners and advisors.
With over 30 years experience in the world of strategic Customer Service, Field Service, IT and Operational Technology (OT) Service, Operations Management and Service Integration, we help customers design a robust, comprehensive and innovative Service Strategy to spearhead their business growth in the new AI-enabled world of 'Digital' Service.

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