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What do I mean by that?
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Process Automation
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We help you deliver outstanding service, cut costs and reduce business risk, whilst bringing new products & services to market in record times, by joining up your enterprise using modern IT, OT & IoT platforms...en-route to delivering Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

The problem most organizations face is simple (please watch the video)
  • The world is moving faster

  • Customers are expecting more

  • Operational costs remain high

  • Competition is growing through traditional and disruptive routes

  • Regulation and compliance is becoming even stricter

  • Technology continues to disrupt everything

... and now, post-pandemic, your organization may be struggling to cut costs and manage new ways of working, whilst delivering even better service!
The risks you face are mounting, though the opportunities are growing too


What's needed is a detailed focus on End-to-End Service

√ Journey with your customer through your organization

Start (re) joining the enterprise - 'end-to-end'

√ Rigourously pursue cross-functional process automation

√ Establish strong 'Service Costing' financial controls

√ Deliver great service experiences - internally and externally

√ Launch new XaaS business models bringing in new revenue streams

 Transform your organization to deliver truly outstanding end-to-end service

In our experience successful 'transformation' only succeeds when organizations, having struggled with decades of fragmentation, start to 're-integrate' themselves, using enterprise-wide technology platforms, automating cross-functional process flows mapped to customer journeys and freeing-up their people and finance to deliver lasting change.

End to End Service helps you design, develop & execute a comprehensive top-down Service Strategy, Business Case and Transformation Program to enable you to achieve your strategic goals.

We give you all the necessary insight and pragmatic know-how to achieve real-world business outcomes that last, whilst helping you increase your return on your technology investments.

Simply put - we help you build the operational engine for your future business growth based on the Services you offer to your customers.

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By joining up a 'top-down', business strategy approach with your 'bottom-up' improvement approach, we will help you develop the roadmap, plan and business case necessary to succeed at end-to-end Service transformation.
Finally you can simultaneously benefit from:
  • Delivering outstanding service...
  • At a significantly reduced cost, whilst...
  • Exceeding compliance requirements, reducing business risk
  • Reducing time to market for new and changing services
  • Increasing the agility of the organization and so....
  • Making life simpler and more effective for everyone - customers, employees, partners, suppliers

Our Services

We are a Service Transformation consultancy offering advisory & implementation services across the Service development lifecycle. We are independent of any software vendor, systems integrator and global consultancy.

Thirty years of experience has shown that most service improvement initiatives never quite realise their full potential or meet organizational expectations. For the most part we believe this is because they are undertaken in isolation of one another and the wider organizational strategy.

Therefore we propose to work with you to compile a joined-up strategy, develop a pragmatic, coherent plan and underpin these with a solid business case which clearly articulates the benefits to be gained across your organization.

But unlike others, we will stay involved to help you execute and govern the program to ensure the benefits actually get delivered.

Case Studies

Multinational Energy Provider Image

Multinational Energy Provider

Working with the CIO and his leadership team we led the development of a strategic Service Transformation roadmap, plan and business case utilising the customer's chosen Service Automation & Management platform, designed to significantly reduce customer churn and customer detriment, whilst saving >£20m p.a.

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National Mobile Comms Service Provider Image

National Mobile Comms Service Provider

Architected and led IT Service Management (ITSM) technology workstream of large Service Transformation Program, providing design, configuration, implementation and on-site project leadership on two separate occasions for two different organisations.

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International Vehicle Tracking Enterprise Image

International Vehicle Tracking Enterprise

Business Operations Improvements in vehicle tracking, mobile & telemetry communications enterprise, a forerunner to the world of IoT.
Established and implemented 2/3-year business operations strategy facilitating turnover (revenue) growth in excess of 300% whilst improving operational efficiency by 33%.

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What Others Say About Us

Service Transformation Expert
Johann is an expert in the world of Service Transformation. Building on his early CXO experience in the world of operational technology, he understands how best to exploit technology to help organisations become much more customer-centric, productive and innovative.

With new technologies such as machine learning, AI, IoT and others continually emerging, Johann has a great ability to envision, inspire and direct business change for the benefit of all. Having led teams on both sides of the customer-supplier boundary, he has an understanding of how best to leverage partnerships for the achievement of real business outcomes.

An evangelist and thought leader at heart, his passion for transforming service delivery and the wider service experience keeps customers challenged, focussed and grateful for having his experience on board.

In an age where disruptive technologies are offering organisations the ability to deliver superior service, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and speeding up the organisation, I have no hesitation in recommending Johann and his team at End to End Service to support and guide you in your pursuits.
David Blackwood, ex-CTO, Capgemini Infrastructure
Service Transformation Expert
Knowledge based on intellectual and practical experience
In all my dealings with Johann, which have ranged from prospective client, to actual client, to contractor and adviser there are a number of characteristics that shine through on all occasions. Integrity, honesty in support of his convictions, a straight talker, but above all, knowledge based on intellectual and practical experience.

It can be said that his mantra of “its all about the quality service” can hurt on occasions, but in reality its right and we all know its right.

I keep coming back to Johann for advice and guidance knowing that his words may not always be what I want to hear, but they will be the truth and the advice will ring true.
John Mohan, CEO, Fusion Global Business Solutions
Knowledge based on intellectual and practical experience
Strategic, customer-centric, IT-enabled change leadership
Johann is a talented expert in end-to-end Business & IT Service Management, with a keen ability to identify strategic customer-centric, IT-enabled change requirements, and then to lead customers and teams through that change process.

Always with an eye on the customer experience objectives, Johann has a deep understanding of how to structure or transform a business operation to enable it to get the best out of its IT/technology solutions. That deep understanding comes from the fact that he has occupied key management roles on both sides of the customer/supplier equation, and this has meant he has a sharp insight into what makes business work.
Robin Bowler, ex-Government Markets Director, Playtech
Strategic, customer-centric, IT-enabled change leadership

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