Project Delivery

Project Delivery is simple for us ... and it should be for you too!
But not from an arrogant perspective.

Having had over 30 years experience in client-side roles, as well as supplier-side and as independent consultants, we know project delivery is simply about achieving real-world business outcomes. As such, it doesn't need to be more complicated than that. Stay focussed on 'why' we are helping clients to achieve whatever the 'what' (outcome) is, and the rest ('how') can be adapted & managed along the way.

Yes, we can use whatever methodologies, practices, frameworks and approaches are required to acheive the outcomes - whether agile or waterfall or (usually) a combination of the two - but successful service transformation is all about journeying together, using expert assistance along the way.

And that's where we come in.


Digital Trn CXP Bullseye

We recognise that organizations are trying to balance their business priorities around several key themes (improving customer experience, building new business models for revenue generation & digital transformation) whilst balancing their need for operational excellence, focussed innovation & cost optimisation, all the while embedding new ways of working.

Delivering a large, service transformation programme is tricky, risky and rarely just about technology. With significant business implications and considerations, a staggering 70% of programmes do not deliver what they set out to do.

We provide professional project management services to a number of clients worldwide. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

"Johann demonstrated an ability to swiftly understand our operations and business, and match this understanding with his extensive experience in order to identify key risk areas and advise on best courses of action concerning requirements gaps, tool usage and underlying data structures in order to mitigate these risks. He has also advised on and implemented appropriate governance models, project processes and service transition activities. Johann managed multiple stakeholders well, balancing needs and managing business change, working with senior management through to end users."

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