Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management is a 'joined-up' operational approach to delivering great 'service' to your external & internal 'customer'.
It is a service-oriented business model designed to reflect the way your customer works. ESM software system
It is an operational architecture where each service provider within the organization--whether sales or operations or IT or HR or Facilities, or any other department or external eco-system supplier, is defined as a service domain that offers services to people within an organization.
These services deliver real-world outcomes for individuals and business functions and help to support them in their ability to deliver great outcomes for external customers. At the same time the productivity and therefore overall profitability of the company will be improved, by improving the efficiency & effectiveness of internal operations across the Service Value Chain.
Some IT vendors currently having enterprise service solutions that support this Enterprise Service Management approach are shown below (not exhaustive and in no order of priority):
Axios Systems *
USU Software










* now part of IFS

Digital transformation is resulting in the adoption of a variety of applications, business services, and data sources that are being deployed both on-premise and via cloud platforms. Business users can purchase and stand up enabling technical environments without the involvement (and control) of traditional IT departments.

Your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution needs to be robust and comprehensive enough to manage all elements of this new hybrid environment, so as to deliver outstanding service to your customer.

However, in our view, there is still no one vendor that has a true enterprise-wide service management platform, capable of joining up the enterprise end-to-end and yet this is what all organizations needs, both large and small. Until this happens they run the risk of not delivering real end-to-end service.
If you are considering implementing an Enterprise Service Management system, please get in touch.
Having run many service management and service transformation projects over many years, we understand the pitfalls to watch out for and how each partner within the project should play their part well. In this way we assure you of the best possible business outcomes.

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