About Us & How We Work

We are independent consultants and advisors. Not associated with any software vendor, system integrator or global consultancy.


With over 30 years experience in the world of strategic service - Customer Service, Field Service, Technology Service, Service Integration, Service Management, Operations Management and Project & Programme Management, we help customers design, develop and deliver robust, comprehensive and innovative Service Strategies, to spearhead their business growth and organisational change in the new AI-enabled world of 'Digital' Service, en-route to delivering Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS).
We only talk about your Business, your Services and how well you deliver them to your Customers. We don't talk about your technology.....until you've answered the 'So What' and 'Why' questions. Because, we believe;
It's All About Service! Not Technology

'Value' is most often created through the use of products, information, processes etc. to deliver what we call 'services'. So customers usually buy 'services' or things that offer the possibility of delivering the 'outcome' they require. It is more rare to buy a product simply to 'do' nothing with it.

End to End Service helps organisations design, develop and deliver innovative Service Strategy and Service Transformation programs, designed to help them deliver outstanding service to their customers, whilst significantly reducing the internal cost to serve, so creating simultneous value for both their customer and themselves.

We also help customers transform business models to deliver their products now 'as-a-Service' (XaaS), taking advantage of newer cloud, mobile and IoT technologies.

Our Approach

We do so by helping customers employ a laser focus approach to end-to-end (cross-functional) enterprise (re)integration and rigourous process automation. Increasingly, it is not a matter of whether to automate, but when and how. Failing to do so often means failing to meet modern-day customer demands. And we are passionate about helping you meet customer demands and delivering real-world business outcomes.

Wouldn't you like to:

  • Exploit new business models around 'everything-as-a-service'?
  • Leverage automation to improve operational efficiency?
  • Simplify your internal structures and operating models?
Our Experience

Since early 2001 End to End Service has offered executive advisory, independent consulting, interim management and project management services into large, medium and small organisations, private and public in IT, Telecoms, other Technology industries, Transport, Food and Drinks Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, for companies such as National Grid, Telefonica O2, BP, Diageo, EON, Unilever, Vodafone, Colt, Serco, Thorn EMI, Securicor and Transport for London. We have often worked alongside (and sometimes inside) partners such as Capgemini, Accenture, KPMG, IBM, Logica CGI, HP | EDS and software vendors such as ServiceNow, Serviceware & BMC. We therefore have a wide range of experiences to draw on when helping client organisations and have often been used as independent advisors and project leaders coordinating and directing all parties.

Now End to End Service specialises in all things 'Service' - Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), Service Strategy, Service Transformation, Service-Focussed Target Operating Models (TOM), Service Integration and Management (SIAM), Service and Data Lifecycle Management, Enterprise-wide Service Management (ESM), Field Service Management (FSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Technology Service Management (TSM), ServiceNow, BMC Remedy.

More recent experience has given us specialist expertise in ServiceNow strategy and roadmap development and ServiceNow project and program governance.

But our wider experience also includes areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), operational technology (OT), Connected (Digital) World, Operations Management, Service Architecture, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Catalogue, DevOps, ITIL, eTOM, ITSM Tools, IT Project & Programme Management, Managed Services, Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS).

How We Work

We are totally flexible in the way we work with our clients.

We can offer time & materials daily rates, fixed price initiatives or even hourly consulting sessions. We are also often asked to take up a variety of projects and roles for our customers such as project or programme director or manager, service architect, transformation leader, IT governance, Head of Service Management, interim Service Director and others.


We also like to work with great associates; people who we know 'get' what service is all about and have good experience of helping organisations transform accordingly. If you are one of those great, passionate people, we'd love to hear from you. Just use our Contact Us form to drop us a note.

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Hi. I'm Johann, Founder and Managing Director of End to End Service and as you would expect, I'm passionate about Service - the service an organisation delivers to its customers, and also its employees, partners, suppliers and the wider community.

After all, life is full of 'service'. It is an inherent part of our life, the act of serving others, and we carry this into our daily work lives just as much as we live it out in our family and community life.

I also love technology but most especially, exploring how new technologies can best be used in service of people and development of organisations.  So I love working with clients who share the same passion and dreams to create and deliver massively better service and services for their customers and partners.

So feel free to drop me a note below if I can be of assistance and I'll get back to you directly.

If you want to hear a little more about my own experience, please watch my video here.

And if you like the sound of our approach you may be interested in joining the 'Service Revolution'. Just go to www.ServiceRevolution.io and sign up to stay informed.

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