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ServiceNow™ Platform Review Process

The first thing to say is that this is not only about the technology, but rather about how it is being used, where it is being used and why i.e. what you are expecting to achieve by using this powerful platform. And by inference, whether it is realistic!

So the first part of our Platform Review Process focuses on the WHY

  • why did you first buy ServiceNow, what were you expecting to achieve?
  • are you or have you achieved all that you originally hoped, planned and budgeted for?
  • if not, why not?
  • if yes, how? Let's build on your strengths.

Next we will encourage you to look at HOW - how you are expecting to achieve your stated goals and objectives

  • are all your goals and objectives 'SMART', written down, realistic, agreed by all, clearly shared with employees, partners and suppliers etc.?
  • what modules within the platform are you using and how?
  • do you have a platform roadmap in support of your stated goals and objectives?

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Then we look at WHO is using the platform (including why and how they are doing so)

  • customers - is there a web front-end, portal?
  • employees - does it offer an employee hub?
  • suppliers and partners - how do they integrate into your existing systems?
  • different departments within the enterprise
  • and how they relate to the IT Platform Governance team

We will then focus on WHAT users are doing on the platform and WHEN

  • we review platform activity data with you, including dashboarding and reporting and ask what decisions are being made from the information, when and by whom (hopefully these will tie in to the 'why' above!)
  • how well is the platform performing for you, your customers, your employees and your partners?
  • what more could / should your users be doing on the platform?
  • how good is the internal and external adoption?
... Servicenow Platform Governance & Support Model

Many customers leave this thinking to the end or sometimes only when the first implementation is well underway, or even when they are about to 'Go Live'. This is far too late - and often the problem has already arisen before they attempt to fix it. That is, they start turning 'customers' away!

In any other scenario this would be deemed wholly unacceptable - to turn away your 'customers' (users), some existing and other prospective new ones. Yet due to a lack of foresight, planning and investment, too many organizations leave their customers feeling let down and angry over the lack of support, once the platform is in daily operation.

ServiceNow Platform

But it doesn't have to be like this. We will help you set up and run a professional Servicenow configuration process, which is able to scale as the need arises. This way, you will be able to build on the great customer experience and user experience you have already delivered. This will then allow you to expand usage of your Servicenow platform into a true Enterprise Service Management platform.

Any good partner should advise you about your needs, considerations and options even before they have sold you the software.

However, many customers we have spoken to didn't actually realise the extent of the platform they were buying in to. For some reason they had only ever envisaged ServiceNow as an 'IT ticketing tool' - which in our view is very short-sighted, though perhaps the fruit of a poor sales process.

 However, building the right business-as-usual (BAU) governance & support model for you is fundamental to the success of your business outcomes. Whether you use a partner or do it yourself; whether you outsource the whole application development & maintenance or just some aspects etc. are all crucial decisions you will have to make.

In the long run, we want to encourage, challenge and help you gain a much higher return on your investment in a comprehensive platform such as ServiceNow. If not called for by the CIO, this is often called for by an enterprising CFO or even CEO.
Using the information we gather from the Platform Review described above, we will then scope out and devise a tailored ServiceNow Platform Strategy, Roadmap, Transformation Plan and Business Case to meet your needs.

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