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Why Customer Journeys Get Messed Up

Customer journeys can be defined as the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company.

They are clearly therefore, one of the most important processes any organisation executes. So why are many of them broken? Why do so many end up with frustrated prospective or existing customers? Surely senior leadership focus would be honed in on this most crucial process, you'd think.

Well, clearly not!

I'm sure we've all had bad experiences of customer or prospective customer journeys that have fallen between organisational silos! Where you phone (if anyone still does that) the contact centre or helpdesk, in order to ask for help, only to find that the team you really need to speak to are on a different phone number and the call cannot be transferred!

Or another pet hate of mine..........where you spend several minutes giving the customer service representative (CSR) all of your account details, they duly find your account, but then need to forward on your query to another department, who can't actually access the same system, so ask you many of the same questions again.

What a poor, poor customer experience! It leaves you with a bad feeling about your service provider.... it often leaves me feeling very angry.

The truth is, there is absolutely no excuse for this failure in communication pathways these days. Modern technology platforms allow all organisations to 'join up' the silos in support of supporting the customer, or prospective customer.

Shame on any organisation that cannot make this happen in the 21st century.

(If you are still struggling with this basic requirement, contact us now. Don't wait any longer, giving your customers more grief with each passing contact!)


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