Archive: August, 2022

  • What is XAAS?

    Posted 26th August 2022

    XaaS is an acronym for Everything or Anything as a Service. Technically, XaaS means a service delivered to the end user via cloud computing, for a monthly subscription instead of paying up front. 

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  • Why Customer Service Comes Before Customer Experience

    Posted 24th August 2022

    PWC asserts that customer experience is everything. Salesforce advocates that customer experience should be the heart of your organisation.We don't disagree with that.

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  • What is Enterprise Service Management?

    Posted 23rd August 2022

    The concept of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is derived from IT Service Management (ITSM).

    ESM is simply the application of IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to the delivery of business functions outside of IT.  ESM empowers a company's internal departments and teams such as HR, finance and marketing to seamlessly work together towards better and more efficient service delivery.

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